Need a Life Coach During Mid-Life Confusion & Craziness?

I'm Here For You!

If you're feeling lost and confused after an empty next, post-caregiving, menopausal rebirth or just looking to recreate your are in the right place!

This can be a weird, crazy and often lonely time for women - but no need to go through it alone.

Here you will find love and support in many forms - life coaching, group coaching and women's events to help you gracefully navigate your life going foward.

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Tanna has made Joy her priority and she will help you do the same! 

Through one-on-one coaching or group sessions, Tanna will help you discover what you want and how you can get there while enjoying the process. With her innovative combination of Intuitive Guidance, Law of Attraction teachings, Life Coaching, Holistic Consulting, and EFT Tapping, Tanna will guide you to align your energy with your desires to transform your body, mind and spirit to live the life you want.  

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Find Your Tribe with Infinite Woman!


Infinite Woman is a community devoted to women who are committed to making significant positive changes in their lives, supporting them in creating a greater sense of self-worth, well-being and inner peace through alignment with their deepest desires and dreams . 

Join us for group life coaching, day-long soul-enriching women's events and an annual Maui retreat!