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Here’s what satisfied clients are saying about working with Tanna:

When I began working with Tanna, I was on a desperate search for a new job.  While it had a lot to do with wanting to increase my income, a large part of my desire to make a change was about the work environment I was in at that time.

I think the most meaningful aspect of Tanna's coaching, for me, were the exercises we would do to alter my perspective.  I had a huge breakthrough in how I thought about money.  I hadn't realized that I had a "poverty mentality. I had no confidence in my ability to attain and retain money, and was fearful about becoming destitute.  Tanna's gentle nudging to look at my personal history in an honest and new way allowed me to understand my previous choices that were also affecting my current situation.  It really did feel like a bright strobe light was turned on and illuminated something that was always there. 

Tanna's coaching style is positive, encouraging, and subtly revolutionary.  She gave constant support as I struggled to alter my viewpoints and move beyond my comfort zones.  I was able to transition from a place of stagnation to free movement and progress in a forward direction. 

Tanna's greatest gift was her teachings on the law of attraction, and how to truly apply it to daily life.  I must admit that for all her help, I was a stubborn case and continued on in my job search for months in the same old way.  I would try here and there to apply what I had learned, but still had a lot of fear.  I was afraid to trust myself and take a chance in a new way.  It wasn't until I had finally had it with my employer that I was ready to finally embrace the reality of what energetic vibration was all about----you can't just think positively or create a dream in your mind, you have to FEEL it emotionally.  I had to stop pushing so hard.  I was taking a lot of action
but my emotions were still heavy and tinged with insecurity.

Tanna was able to teach me how to raise my vibration in a simple and easy way.  Whenever I would complain that I just couldn't feel hopeful yet about changing my situation, she would ask me to think of three or four things in my current life that made me feel good.  I'd usually say things like a walk on the beach, exercising, being around flowers, dancing, etc.  She would remind me that these were easily attainable ways of raising my energetic vibration, of feeling light and happy every day.  I began to understand that it was more important for me to get outside each day and enjoy nature than sitting at home for hours searching the job posts.  I started to feel better, and simply enjoyed life more.  It was easier to cope with my job, and I was able to distance myself from the situation, looking forward instead to the walk outside on my lunch break, or a visit to the beach on my way home.  I was exercising more, and buying extra flowers for the house. Like Tanna was always saying, I was FEELING GOOD.  I was having fun, and it was raising my vibration immensely.  It totally changed everything!

The happy ending to this story is that within a couple of weeks of this breakthrough, I casually reached out to an old business acquaintance and asked if she knew of any interesting job opportunities in the area.  As it happened, she had just turned down something fantastic the day before.  She raved about the company, but decided to keep her current job when her boss matched the impressive pay increase.  She immediately reached out to the person she interviewed with, gave a sterling recommendation on my behalf, an within a week, I had the job!  The entire process, including the 3-hour interview, was pleasurable and effortless.  I've now been at my new job for nearly six months, and I love it.  All of the affirmations that Tanna helped me create came true.  I work with supportive colleagues, we have mutual respect, I have a high income, attractive and safe office environment, and the work is new and interesting.  I had learned to feel these beliefs by learning to feel good in even the smallest moments of my daily life, and Tanna had taught me how. Her coaching absolutely changed my life for the better, and I can now apply this wisdom to new dreams and possibilities.

- Lisa de Lao Wyman

I have to share: I woke up at 1:30am to pee. Went to bed and started coughing like crazy for 2 hours!!! My chest really hurt and there was phlegm (which I didn't have before.) I was so freaked out! I then decided to ask my body what it needs. First it said "love". I asked What else? "Hot lemon, ginger, turmeric, honey." So I got up and made that, lit a candle and drank it. I meditated on trusting my own body's healing potential. Did lots of tapping for 2 hours. Went back to bed, slept 45 minutes. Coughed some more. Got up at 6:15am and I haven't coughed!!! WOWSIE. Thanks for your consistent guidance about me asking me what my body needs. You're the best! 

- Maura Mark
Medical Medium Support, Health & Nutrition Coach, Yoga Teacher, Tanna's Personal Coach


When I first came to Tanna, I was feeling really stuck in my life. Things were not moving forward like I had hoped, professionally and personally. She was amazing. She really helped me see what I was doing to create my circumstances, and gave me some wonderful tools to my view my life in a whole new way. Since working with Tanna, I've attracted the man of my dreams and am happily married, I've taken my business in a whole new direction, and I just overall have a new appreciation and excitement for my life and how it's unfolding! Thank you Tanna!

Jamie Leff Choi, MS, RD
Juice Plus Wellness Educator

Tanna Marshall is truly a gift from the Universe! She has not only become my spiritual teacher, but also holds a very special place in my heart. Tanna has a natural gift, talent, awareness and kindness that allows you to open up in a safe, positive, non-judgmental environment. Her energy, intuition and kind soul allows you to connect with her immediately. Shortly after working with Tanna, I was able to reach a deeper level of understanding, awareness and connection within myself
. Our work together is rewarding and life changing. I honestly believe my life has improved in so many ways because of it.  

- Sugey Calderon
 Marketing Executive, Single Mother


There is no question that Tanna Marshall has a gift.  Through gentle guidance and love, she has shown me how to use my own tools, change my thought process, and make miracles happen. At times it feels as though she is the conduit to something much larger, and the words she speaks flow with a wisdom and grace far beyond her years. Since working with her, I have experienced an influx of abundance. Specifically, I now have a new job with a handsome salary and benefits, my self image is growing, and I am grateful for everything that surrounds me! Tanna has changed my way of thinking, and my way of living.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Tanna!

- Claudia Smith
Administrative Assistant, Single Mother

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